Freedom calls and after being restricted for so long due to the covid-19 pandemic, now is your time to order or find your finest linen garments from the closet and book that trip.
But why should you travel with linen?


When it comes to comfort, linen is said to score the highest on ventilation, being a lightweight material as well as a hypoallergenic fabric. As well, unlike many other synthetic fabrics that you can become hot and sweaty in, linen is highly breathable enabling you to cool off in the summer breeze as well as feeling cosy with your layers on once the sun has set.  Designed to have a cool and loose fit, linen clothing is perfect for people of all ages and sizes to travel in.



Unlike synthetic materials, naturally grown and produced fabrics such as linen are known for being better at drawing moisture away, characterised as ‘wicking away moisture’ from your skin. So instead of feeling sweaty and uncomfortable, linen enables you to enjoy the climate you are travelling in without over-heating. Such climates can often be rather humid; therefore, it is advisable to opt for breathable linens to travel in that absorb and also dry very quickly.


Did you know that linen is actually known as one of the world’s strongest, natural, fibres?

Therefore, its unsurprising that linen garments last a really long time and it doesn’t matter how many times you wear them. Yes, a good cotton t-shirt will last you a few seasons of consistent wearing but linen is said to be an indestructible fabric, ably worn on a dusty and bumpy road trip or on a tropical island, year after year. So seeing as this summer is the time to catch up on all the holidays you’ve missed during the global pandemic, perhaps you’re now being persuaded to now travel in linen head to toe.

East to pack:

Although linen is one of the most popular fabrics you’ll see people travelling in, it’s known for not being the easiest fabric to travel with. This natural fibre has a natural tendency to wrinkle. However, there are ways of protecting your linens wrinkling making you look a mess on your holiday.

"Do I need a travel steamer?" I hear you ask and the answer is NO!

The first thing to do before even reaching for your suitcase is to steam all your linen garments so they start off and remain wrinkle free during your travels. Once steamed, lie your linen garments in a pile and carefully roll them up together. This enables you to squash them neatly together into your travel cubes and cases efficiently alongside your covid tests (just in case).

linen blouse claudine primrose

Image: our founder Yue in our Primrose Claudine blouse 

Environmentally conscious:

So, we know that linen comes from the flax plant, but did you know that none of the flax plant is wasted during its production?

  • Compared to cotton plants, flax can grow in poor soil conditions and requires far less water to grow efficiently. In fact, the European Confederation of Linen and Hemp states that a linen shirt requires 6.4 litres of water compared to 2,700 litres for a cotton shirt.
  • Flax is also a plant that grows without the need for pesticides and fertilizers. Thus, it’s a renewable resource that not only grows quickly but doesn’t damage its local environment. However, it’s important to note that some linen clothes are dyed with non-organic dye
  • 85% of the worlds flax comes from France, Belgium and The Netherlands which drastically cuts down on air mile pollution for the European fashion industry.
  • Its plastic free and an anti-bacterial material so you won’t need to wash it so often and when you do decide to wash it, no micro plastics will be released into local water ways.


Sustainable and stylish:

What can possibly be better than wearing clothes that are not only environmentally conscious but look good as well? Ethical fashion designers are starting to realise the importance of incorporating linen across the market with its versatility and environmentally friendly factors. Fashion houses such as Fendi, Jacquemus and Dior had seen an estimated 102% increase of linen in their spring / summer 2021 collections. Although a slow burner within the fashion industries popularity, linen is now loved by labels 49% of designers showcasing a minimum of one linen outfit in their collections. Linen is said to be a future proof fabric for your wardrobe, a timeless classic to travel in and re-wear every season, all around the world.  

 Image credit: @ashonfashionary

    May 16, 2022

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