Our Ethos

Traceability, Transparency and Sustainability form our key ethos.

We always keep the environment in mind and want you to feel confident that your clothes are made in an ethical and sustainable way.


Every item from Má + Lin is fully traceable, from the farm where the raw materials are cultivated to the warehouse where the final items are dispatched.

Image: ©CELC - Sebastien Rande


We believe that you have the right to know exactly how and where your clothes are produced. We are fully transparent with our whole supply chain and have created a supply chain map so that you can track each stage of your garment’s journey. 


Environment In Mind

We are combining pre-orders and limited stock strategy, in order to achieve zero wastage on raw material buying and on garment production. We only use European linen, one of the oldest and most sustainable materials in the world. (You can read all about it on our blog.) We produce locally in order to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

We care about the welfare of our suppliers and only work with socially audited businesses that can demonstrate responsible practices. 

Circular Economy

We are inspired by the Circular Economy Model. Every garment is made to last and we make sure that they are fully biodegradable when they finally reach the end of their life cycle. 

"I want customers to have the joy of delivery after patience and anticipation and hope they will cherish the items for a long time. That's, for me, the essence of slow fashion"

Yue x