Our Story

Behind the Label

"Má(麻)“ and "Lin" are Chinese and French words for linen. “Malin” in French means smart, clever.

Má + Lin was born in London in 2021 during the Covid-19 pandemic. A time when normal life was put on hold, giving us time to think and re-think.

The world has never shouted so loudly against excess consumption and unnecessary waste and it has never yearned more passionately for a slower pace, slower fashion and a zero waste lifestyle. Created with the essence of slow fashion and sustainability, Má + Lin endeavours to play a part in this revolution.

Our Founder

Our founder Yue, born and raised in Chongqing - a charming city in China, spent years in Paris in the fashion industry before settling down in London.

While continuing her experience at JW Anderson, the idea emerged of creating a brand that was zero waste, fully transparent regarding the supply chain, used mainly organic materials and at the same time represented the aesthetics of her ideal wardrobe for contemporary women.

“ In my previous jobs, We often overbought raw materials which ended up in shredding stations because they were ‘past-season’. It’s heartbreaking. “ Said Yue. "Besides, there is no supply chain transparency. We can barely know where the fabric was produced and can never trace it back to the yarn mill, let alone the farm where the raw materials were cultivated..."

" I’ve never been a person who wanted to create a business." Said Yue. " But after witnessing so many highly negative environmental impacts in the fashion industry, I know I must do something. “

Sustainable linen clothing

Our Aesthetics

Má + Lin is designed with a timeless, effortless quality in mind.

We choose not to follow the traditional fashion seasons as we are acutely aware of the impact that each collection’s development and production has on the environment. 

Every piece we design is made to last. Our aim is to create a wardrobe of comfortable and chic clothing so that women don’t ever have to compromise comfort with elegance.

Our Ethos

We are Made-to-Order, and completely transparent about our supply chain as we believe every customer has the right to know where the raw materials come from and who made their clothes.