Our Supply Chain

In order to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible, we prioritise working with European suppliers.

All our linen fabrics are woven in Belgium. All garments are made in Portugal.

Sustainable linen clothing

Our Fabric Mill - Libeco

Located in Meulebeke, Belgium, LIBECO is one of the largest linen weaving mills in Europe.  A 5th generation family business with an outstanding reputation, they have been developing their expertise in linen for the past 160 years. 

Lineco’s linen fabrics have obtained numerous certifications; Master of Linen®, Belgian Linen™, GOTS and Oeko-Tex®. They have also been awarded the title of Warranted Purveyor to the Court of Belgium, an exclusive title reserved for companies and craftspeople providing the highest quality products and services.

Sustainability is at the very centre of their company ethos and their weaving mill has been certified carbon-neutral since 2014. You can read more about LIBECO on our blog.

Sustainable linen clothing

Our Garment Manufacturer - Paula Borges

Paula Borges is a Portuguese family-run company established in 1983. Located in the north of Portugal near Porto, they have approximately 100 employees and are fully audited with SMETA, the world’s leading social audit, to ensure responsible and ethical working practices.

We worked closely with Paula Borges from the very beginning of Collection 1. They developed the pattern pieces from our initial drawings, then the toiles and final samples all the way through to the production of the final pieces. They have worked with some of the biggest and best designers and brands in the world so we knew that our collection was in safe hands.

Working together has been a great experience and we are keen to continue with the collaboration for future collections. 

Our Labels

Our main cotton labels come from a UK-based supplier - Hallmark - and are made in Turkey. They are GOTS certified.

Our swing tickets come from a UK-based supplier - Genesis Labels - and are made in China. They are FSC Mix certified.