Welcome to our #FriendsofMaLin series!
In each episode, we are chatting with an inspiring woman whose values are in line with ours.

Today we talk to Rachel Marlow(@fashionable_later), a mum of two adult children and a retired primary school teacher. At 61 she has more time to herself and Instagramming is something she does for fun and creativity.

organic linen blouse 

Tell me a bit about your sustainable fashion and lifestyle journey. How did it start? And what has been your biggest challenge so far?

I’m not a fan of fast fashion although I do love fashion trends and how they change. I try to buy from sustainable brands or choose ‘conscious’ ranges from high street brands. I don’t have a massive budget so choices are made carefully and need to fit in with my existing wardrobe. Quality over quantity.


As a conscious shopper, can you please describe your typical consumer journey for a fashion piece?

I have favourite brands that I trust and return to. Sometimes I will be introduced to a new brand. I love that there is an upsurge in ethical and sustainable brands.

"I love promoting sustainable brands. I also believe that style has no age. Wear it and be you!" 

 organic linen blouse

What does Slow Fashion mean to you?

Wear what you have and enhance with new pieces but choose carefully and look after what you have. My clothes last for ages. I really take care of them.


At Má + Lin, we’re big fans of linen! What do you like the most about the fabric?

It’s breathable and cool. I like the weight of quality linen and how well it drapes. I don’t care about a few creases. It’s all part of the look.


What’s your favourite place to go? Any secret gems?

I love Italy. We’re returning for the first time since the start of the pandemic. The people, food, culture. Love it all.

 organic linen blouse

What’s something that’s recently inspired you? It can be anything or anyone – a book, movie, or piece of art, for example.

I’ve just read The Salt Path and The Wild Silence by Raynor Winn. Both inspirational.


If you had to pick, what would be your top 3 sustainable brands?

Baukjen, Chinti and Parker. I’m not going to say a third as too many to add!


Last (but not least): What’s your favourite piece of Má + Lin and why?

Blouse Roxane - I just love the big puffy sleeves and button detail at the back.

organic linen blouse

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March 27, 2022


Emms said:

So inspiring, loved learning more about Rachel. Fabulous interview.

Monica said:

Congratulations Rachel. You are doing such an amazing job representing sustainable fashion!

Laura said:

“Style has no age” I love that! Rachel has great style and her commitment to wearing sustainable fashion is so inspiring. I’m often discovering new brands and up and coming trends via her Instagram page.

Maxine said:

I love to follow Rachel and she’s introduced me to so many sustainable brands. She has a great attitude to fashion, keeping it contemporary but still choosing carefully.

Emma said:

Really interesting about the sustainable brands and how Rachel incorporates this, with the latest fashion trends, into her wardrobe!

Lia said:

Rachel’s style is gorgeous and timeless. I love getting inspired by her fashion choices.

Katie said:

Love Rachel’s championing of slow fashion and style having no age. Just fabulous.

Zanne Lee said:

What a great interview. I’ve been following Rachel’s Instagram for several years and she’s really opened my eyes to amazing sustainable brands including Ma & Lin. Her style is ageless and effortless and she looks beautiful in these designs.

Bev said:

Love Rachel’s style. Great to see her support sustainable brands and love discovering new brands through her Instagram page.

Celine said:

Loved reading this from Rachel, she’s an inspiration to over 50s women who love style. She’s certainly introduced me personally to some beautiful and sustainable brands.

Helen said:

Great interview. I love Rachel’s style and still can’t believe she’s 61! X

Carole said:

Loved reading this interview with Rachel. So interesting x

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