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In each episode, we are chatting with an inspiring woman whose values are in line with ours.

Today we talk to Emma Paton (@emmapaton___),  a Fashion & Lifestyle blogger and a mum of 2 children. 

Emma Paton Top victoire 

You have a Fashion & Lifestyle blog. Tell us the story behind it. Why you started the blog? How’s it going and what is the biggest challenge so far?

I originally started the blog to document and share some great unisex kids and lifestyle brands I discovered after I’d had my son. After a while there seemed to be a lot of interest in what I was wearing as a new mum and my easy everyday looks. The blog started to become more focussed on women’s fashion and also sharing small brands, sustainable brands and a mix of the best boutique, designer and high street finds in my popular Sunday Wishlist blogpost. It’s been going well and is a very good way to satisfy my creative side and work around family life but the biggest challenge is doing it all by myself! I have so many ideas and things I would love to do but there simply is only one of me and not enough hours in the day!!


Describe what a typical day in your life looks like.

I’m a mum of 2 kids and my day revolves around the school run! I’m always trying to cram in as much as possible, catching up with friends, exploring Suffolk and creating content for brands. At the moment we are renovating our house too so there is a lot going on, making decisions and managing builders! Each day is different and I’m juggling all the balls!!


 "It’s the antidote to fast fashions buy buy buy culture. It’s a must have for the future of our planet."

Emma paton organic claudine linen blouse 

 What does Slow fashion mean to you ?

Slow fashion to me means to be more considered in your approach to shopping. It’s really thinking much more about where your style has been made, who has made it, have they been paid fairly and also how much wear you will get out of a garment you buy. It’s the antidote to fast fashions buy buy buy culture. It’s a must have for the future of our planet.


At Má + Lin, we’re big fans of linen! What do you like the most about the fabric?

I love the tactile feel of linen, it feels so natural and lived in. I also love how comfortable it feels next to my skin and how eco friendly it is, the most perfect sustainable choice! It carries colour really nicely too.


What’s your favourite place to go? Any secret gems?

I love going to the coast, I find water very calming and love to be near the sea.

 Emma paton organic linen blouse roxane


What’s something that’s recently inspired you? It can be anything or anyone – a book, movie, or piece of art, for example.

I am always inspired by vintage style and more recently by all the retro prints making a come back from brands such as So English Beachwear and Resume Copenhagen.


One eco-friendly habit you wish everyone practiced?

Using reusable face wipes instead of disposable ones!


If you had to pick, what would be your top 3 sustainable brands?

My top 3 brands (please note I have so many it was super hard to choose!!) I want to share would be:

Johanna Sands for the dreamiest dresses all hand made to order in small runs

Albaray for the most easy everyday fashion pieces you will love forever in your wardrobe, plus I think their prices are really reasonable too.

The Small Home for the most beautiful hand crafted slippers and unique interior pieces.


Last (but not least): What’s your favourite piece of Má + Lin and why?

My favourite piece of Má + Lin is the Roxane Blouse as I feel the shape will suit everyone and is a timeless go to style that will work hard in your wardrobe.

 Emma Paton organic linen blouse roxane

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June 24, 2022

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