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In our modern, fast-paced lifestyles, shopping sustainably can be difficult. Now imagine shopping not just for you – but for three young kids as well!

Today we talk to Karen Maurice(@n4mummy), a mum of three and sustainable living blogger. Years back she started her lifestyle blog with the express purpose of making it easier to find eco-friendly, ethical, and durable clothing for all ages. She’s quickly amassed a following, both on her blog and Instagram, of like-minded parents looking for tips on how to live a bit more consciously.

sustainable influencer interviewImage credit : Katrina Campbell

We chatted with Karen about what she’s learned along the way:


Tell me a bit about your sustainable fashion and lifestyle journey. How did it start? And what has been your biggest challenge so far?

I worked in fast fashion for 10+ years and saw firsthand the impact it has on people and the planet. When I became a mum I took a step back from that world and had time to reflect on what I thought was important. So I started searching for clothing that had been made with care for the people who made them and also our world.

“I worked in fast fashion for 10+ years and saw firsthand the impact it has on people and the planet.”

With small children, there are lots of ways you can dress them sustainably, from choosing second hand clothes to buying sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton or bamboo. However, my eldest is getting older and there is a real gap in the market for sustainable clothing for older children. Plus the biggest challenge is cost - sustainable clothing is often more expensive.

influencer interviewImage credit : Katrina Campbell


Your sustainable living blog, n4mummy, covers everything from fashion to wellness and travel. What is your vision for the blog?

I want to help make sustainable living easy for busy people.


Describe what a typical day in your life looks like.

I have three children so lots of my time is spent doing school runs and dropping the kids off at ballet and gymnastics lessons. But I also spend a good deal of time cooking. So many convenience foods come with so much plastic packaging, so I try to minimise this by making my food from scratch.


What does Slow Fashion mean to you?

It’s about loving your clothes, enjoying them, and choosing pieces that will live and be worn for a very long time.


At Má + Lin, we’re big fans of linen! What do you like the most about the fabric?

It's breathable, biodegradable, and so so comfy!


What’s your favourite part of London? Any secret gems?

Definitely Alexandra Palace. I’ll often go for a run there and I love that you can see the whole of London from there.

sustainable influencer interview Image credit : Katrina Campbell


What’s something that’s recently inspired you? It can be anything or anyone – a book, movie, or piece of art, for example.

Over Christmas, I saw an art exhibition on stars and the sky at a church in Marlborough – and the links between science and God… it was truly beautiful, and really made me think.


If you had to pick, what would be your top 3 sustainable brands?

I love Sezane for beautiful French clothing. Kidswear Collective is also great to buy secondhand designer clothing for my children. And if I’m looking for zero waste essentials, Keep!


Last (but not least): What’s your favourite piece of Má + Lin and why?

I love the Claudine blouse. It's cut beautifully. Plus it’s really easy to wear every day, but still makes me feel more put together.

sustainable influencer interview

Image credit : Katrina Campbell

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February 22, 2022

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