Lose weight. Eat healthy. Exercise. How many of these New Year’s resolutions have you had – or failed at – every year? This year, we’d like to challenge you to set goals to care not just for yourself, for the planet too.

Whether you’re a passionate eco-warrior, or just looking to be a bit kinder to Mother Earth – kick off your year with these 5 sustainable New Year’s resolutions:

1.   Ditch the Meat

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Rethink what goes on your plate. That means ditching the bacon now and then, and filling your shopping cart up with more plants instead.

By now, mounting evidence has made a strong case that plant-based is the most sustainable diet. Animal agriculture has a brutal impact on the earth. From its toxic emissions (higher than even transport) to the gallons of water it guzzles, animal protein wreaks our land, air, and seas before it even lands up at the butcher.

Most people eat thrice a day. By cutting meat out of those three meals, you could slash your carbon footprint by a whopping 73%. If you haven’t already, this is the year to give plants a shot.

Every effort matters, so you don’t have to quit cold turkey (pardon the pun). Give Meat Free Mondays a try if you’re hesitant, or switch out one meat-heavy meal a week. Just this one, simple sustainable resolution for your lifestyle can end up making a big difference.

2.   Say No to Single-Use Plastics

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Plastic: it’s everywhere. Surgical masks, coffee cups, milk cartons, toothbrushes, crisp packets, and, yes, the dreaded straw… it’s practically impossible to get away from the stuff.

Yet only 9% of plastic ever produced has been recycled. And the rest? It’s piling up in landfills at best, or clogging up the oceans, forming dead zones, and ending up back in our drinking water as toxic microplastics.

This year, say adios to disposable plastics. Instead, invest in a few alternative products that are made to last – simple swaps like:

  • bamboo straws
  • beeswax wrap
  • bar soap
  • reusable razors
  • steel travel mugs

Plus, get to know your local zero-waste stores and opt to buy in bulk to minimize any excess packaging. Zero waste is a journey, and every good intention counts towards a greener new year.

3.   Shop Slow Fashion

sustainable resolutions shop slow fashion

If there’s one lesson the pandemic has taught us it’s to slow down. And that applies to the way we shop too. Instead of scrambling to hop on each fashion trend, curate a wardrobe of timeless, quality pieces you can re-wear for your lifetime.

Fast fashion is pretty ugly. Don’t let the bargain price tags fool you; behind that discount blazer is a poisonous industry that’s spoiling fresh water, pumping out plumes of CO2, and piling up landfills across the world. (Not to mention its shady labour practices.)

This year, pick out clothes that are kinder to the earth. Go for natural fabrics like linen that will withstand years of washing, and still look just as good as the day you bought them. Our first linen collection is the perfect place to start.

When it comes to slow fashion, do your homework before you buy. Beware ‘greenwashing’: companies that misconstrue data to look more eco-friendly than they really are. Did you know that Má + Lin boasts 10 official certifications for our sustainable and ethical practices? That way, you can be assured that your garment really is as eco-friendly as it claims to be.

4.   Support Local Businesses

sustainable resolutions shop local

Here’s another easy sustainable resolution that can make a big difference: shop local.

Sometimes we forget that every product we buy has “miles” – the journey it took before it ended up in the shop. When it’s imported from halfway across the world, it goes without saying that its carbon footprint is going to be a lot larger.

By shopping local, you put your cash back into your community to stimulate the local economy. Not to mention that local goods are way better, have more personality, and end up being more sentimental.

Not sure how to start? Try going to a farmer’s market instead of the grocery store once in a while. Or try out a small boutique in your neighbourhood instead of a three-storey department store. Supporting local might mean skipping the shopping mall, and exploring parts of your city you’ve never been to.

Local production is important to us too; that’s why we’re 100% transparent about where our garments come from. Check out our supply chain to learn how we keep everything local, right down to the labels. 

5.   Switch to LEDs

sustainable resolutions switch to LEDs

If these all seem like too much effort for you, here’s, hands-down, the quickest eco-friendly resolution you can make. Switch out your home’s light bulbs for LEDs.

We rarely think about our light bulbs (until they break, that is). So it’s literally a no-brainer to swap your traditional bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs. These much-hyped bulbs last around 5-10 years, around 20 times longer than standard lights do. 

Because they don’t contain mercury, they’re also non-toxic. They’re energy-savvy, so there’s less electricity wastage too. And the best part is you won’t have to bother to change them that often, saving you a bit of cash as well in the long run.

The Bottom Line

Climate change can be overwhelming and can demoralize even the most well-intentioned of people. So focus your energy on tangible goals you can put in place every day to make the world a little cleaner. Every action matters, no matter how small, and these 5 sustainable resolutions are the perfect way to start.

Be a Slow Fashion Shopper 👇

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January 25, 2022

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