When looking for Winter 22 shoot location, I wanted something industrial & fun. 

“How about Hackney Wick? ” suggested our photographer Ollie. And that was a brilliant idea — where to find a better place with such a cool industrial vibe, and so many hidden gems ? 

We shot at the Hackney Wick overground station, in front of a garage, a hidden pizza place, on the bridge to Victoria Park...

I wanted to bring linen, the world’s oldest fabric a modern face. Our dual colour palette Black & Terra has set the tone for a cosy loving Winter.

organic linen blouse claudine black

organic claudine linen blouse terra

organic roxane linen blouse terra

organic roxane linen blouse black

Here are our heroes to make it happen :

Art Direction & Photographer: Ollie Ali

Muse: Bliss Kelly

Hair & Make up artist: Sjaniël Turrell

Photography Assistant: Claudia Gschwend

May 04, 2023

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